STAR Triton Road Guard


TRITON ROAD-GUARD is a specialty coating, designed for road surfaces that have deteriorated over the years of use. Formulated with specialty resins, tough rubber/polymers, specialty chemicals and selects mineral fillers, TRITON ROAD- GUARD imparts flexibility and durability to the coated pavement surfaces. To maximize the performance properties, the rubber/polymer is hot-blended during its manufacturing process.


1. Is a unique product with an unconventional technological approach. It is far superior in performance compared to conventional surface treatments.
2. Has outstanding flexibility, toughness and longevity. It is suitable on shopping centers and malls where typical ring road traffic causes other coatings to fail prematurely.
3. Delivers excellent value and cost savings compared to traditional surface treatments like slurry sealing, micro- surfacing, etc.
4. Will dry to a dark slate/black color producing a uniform-textured surface that will maintain or improve the driving condition on an existing road surface that had deteriorated. Will hold large amount of sand in suspension in the mix design.
5. Is certified to meet and/or exceed specifications for ASTM D 140, D 244, D2939, D 3910, D 562, B 117-11, ASMA Specifications, and Federal TTC 555b.
6. Is water-based; safe to handle and store. It is non-irritating, non-toxic and nearly odorless. It does not emit any noxious fumes or burning sensation to skin during application.


TRITON ROAD-GUARD is recommended for all medium to low traffic bearing roads that are structurally sound but with surface deterioration; sub-divisions, shopping center ring roads, business complex approaches, county roads, highway shoulders, commercial lots, apartment complexes, walkways, golf cart paths, theme parks and many more.


Diluation – Max 20% water by volume on the amount of concentrated TRITON ROAD-GUARD is recommended.
Under hot ambient conditions (>90° F) hot pavement conditions (>100° F), additional 5% of water may be added.

TRITON ROAD-GUARD 100 Gal. 100 Liters
Water (Clean, Potable) 15-20 Gal. 15-20 Liters
Sand/Aggregate 50-70 AFS* 600-800 Lbs. 72-96 Kg.
STAR Macro-Flex 1 gal. 1 liter

1. Mixed Sealer Factor (MSF) – Use 1.5 for the above mix design for the calculation of mixture quantities.
2. * Important – All mix designs must include clean, quartz, angular sand/aggregate. Crushed slag (i.e. Black Beauty) may be used provided it is clean, angular and within 50-70 AFS gradation.


Must be applied to structurally sound pavements. Mix designs and application parameters are subject to specifications as dictated by the project engineer. Old, oxidized surfaces must be primed with a suitable primer.

1. For most applications apply two (2) coats both with sand;
1st coat apply:
a. Expressed as Triton Conc. @ 0.10-0.12 gal. /sq. yard (0.45-0.55 liter/sq. meter).
b. Expressed as a Mixture. @ 0.15-0.18 gal. /sq. yard (0.68-0.81 liter/sq. meter).

2nd coat apply:
a. Expressed as Triton Conc. @ 0.06-0.08 gal. /sq. yard (0.80-0.90 liter/sq. meter).
b. Expressed as a Mixture. @ 0.09-0.12 gal. /sq. yard (0.40-0.55 liter/sq. meter).

Total of two (2) coats:
a. Expressed as Triton Conc. @ 0.18-02.20 gal. /sq. yard (0.81-0.91 liter/sq. meter).
b. Expressed as a Mixture. @ 0.27-0.30 gal. /sq. yard (1.22-1.36 liter/sq. meter).


• Use conventional tools; Brush, rubber squeegee, or spray.
• Clean up with water. Do not discard washing in the bodies of water or down the sewer drains. Discard the washings in compliance to applicable local, state or federal regulations.
• Dried sealer on tools can be removed by wire brushing, scarping, peeling or a solvent.
• Keep stored containers tightly closed.


Drying and curing times shall vary according to ambient conditions of temperature and humidity at the time of application, lower temperature, high humidity and lack of sunshine will prolong cure times. Conversely, higher temperatures, low humidity and direct sunlight will accelerate the curing process. Under good ambient conditions;
1st coat will dry in less than 2 hrs.
2nd coat may be applied as soon as the first coat is dry enough to take foot traffic and moving of the application equipment.
Allow the 2nd coat to dry for 24-48 hrs.


Heavy sand loading in your mix design will require continuous agitation of the sealer in your application tanks. The bulk holding tank shall be agitated at least twice in 24 hrs. for min. 45 minutes each.
• Apply only on unsealed asphalt or surfaces previously sealed with Asphalt Emulsion (AE) or Refined Tar Sealers (RTS).
• New asphalt shall be allowed to cure at least 90 days in hot climatic conditions. Perform a water- break-free test to confirm that surface oils have dissipated.
• Do not use additives other than recommended by the project engineer and manufactured by S.T.A.R., INC. Other additives are likely to able to be incompatible with TRITON ROAD-GUARD and may adversely affect the performance.


• Keep out of reach of children. Keep from Freezing.
• Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and wear all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
• Follow all safety instructions for handling and storage.
• In case of contact, flush skin or eyes immediately with fresh water. Consult a physician if any adverse reaction occurs.
• Keep the partially used containers tightly closed.


5-gal pails, 55-gal drums, 275-gallon totes or bulk quantity at all STAR plant locations.


• Surface and air temperature should be min. 50° F (10° C), and rising for the next 48 hrs.
• If the pavement temperature is over 100° F (38° C), dampen the pavement with a fine misty of water to facilitate even spreading. Do not allow water to puddle on the surface.
• Relative Humidity – Less than 60% is preferred, max. 80%.
• Do not apply on rainy, foggy, extremely humid days, or when rain is in the forecast within 24 hours.