Star Spectrum


STAR SPECTRUM is a 100% acrylic latex polymer based coating that belongs to a new generation of pavement maintenance products. Built on carefully selected polymers, color fast pigments, minerals, specialty additives and performance boosters, STAR SPECTRUM has an extraordinary degree of toughness and water repellency. STAR SPECTRUM forms a tough, durable and flexible coating that protects your pavement from the damaging elements of weather, water penetration and de-icing salts. STAR SPECTRUM also holds up well against occasional spills of gasoline, oils and many chemicals. STAR SPECTRUM is a brilliant way to add vibrant color to any paved surface; for protection, safety, traffic separation and for corporate identity and visibility!


Lily White, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Purple, Sea Foam Green, Sage Green, Fairway Green, Lemon Yellow, Salmon Orange, Brick Red, Magenta, Peppermint Pink, Hot Rod Red, Tan, Cool Gray, Bike Lane Green and Black. The ability to mix custom colors is available.


• Excellent Durability – STAR SPECTRUM has been proven as a viable alternative to many traditional pavement coating products. Effective on both asphalt pavement and concrete surfaces.

• Superior Flexibility – Ability to bridge minor surface (non-working) cracks in the pavement to eliminate water penetration and extend the life of asphalt surfaces.

• Magnificent Color that Protects – Cures to a beautiful brilliant color that resists fading or weathering with time. Industry leading bright vibrant colors, a first of its kind.

• Non-Hazardous in Application, Handling and Storage – safe for playgrounds and use where human contact is unavoidable. Easy to apply, clean up and store.


STAR SPECTRUM is recommended for both asphalt pavements and concrete surfaces that have low to medium traffic patterns; home driveways, restaurants, strip malls, bike lanes, school play areas, golf courses, theme parks, custom markings on commercial parking lots, airfield markings and many more.

Mix Design Recommendations

Important – All mix designs must include clean, quartz, angular sand.

STAR SPECTRUM 100 Gal. 100 Liters
Water (Clean, Potable) 5 Gal. 5 Liters
Sand/Aggregate 50-70 AFS* 300-500 Lbs. 36-60 Kg.

* Crushed slag (i.e. Black Beauty) shall not be used.

Application Rates

Must be applied to structurally sound pavements. Do not apply over chip seal or gilsonite sealed surfaces. The application rates shall be dictated by the traffic pattern and usage.
1. For Pedestrian and Low Traffic Areas Apply One (1) Coat:
a) STAR SPECTRUM (Concentrated) – the total coverage rate of 0.09 – 0.10 Gal./Sq. Yd. or 90 – 100 Sq. Ft./Gal. (2.2 – 2.45 Sq. Meter/Liter).
b) Mixed STAR SPECTRUM with 5% Water and 4 Lbs. Sand/Gal. – 0.11 – 0.12 Gal./Sq. Yd. or 75 – 82 Sq. Ft./Gal. (1.83 – 2.00 Sq. Meter/Liter).

2. For Moderate Traffic Areas Apply Two (2) Coats:
a) STAR SPECTRUM (Concentrated) – the total coverage rate of 0.14 – 0.16 Gal./Sq. Yd. or 56 – 64 Sq. Ft./Gal. (1.37 – 1.57 Sq. Meter/Liter).
b) Mixed STAR SPECTRUM with 5% Water and 4 Lbs. Sand/Gal. – 0.17 – 0.20 Gal./Sq. Yd. or 45 – 53 Sq. Ft./Gal. (1.10 – 1.30 Sq. Meter/Liter).

Application Tools

• Use conventional tools; Brush, rubber squeegee or spray rig.
• Clean up with Water. Do not discard washings in the bodies of water or down sewer drains.
• Dried sealer on tools – Wire brushing, scarping and peeling.
• Keep stored containers sealed tightly.

Curing Time

Cure time will vary according to temperature and humidity at the time of application. Insufficiently cured films wear prematurely. Lower temperatures, high humidity and lack of direct sunlight will prolong the cure time. Higher temperatures, lower humidity and direct sunlight accelerate the cure process. If a second coat is to be applied, allow the first coat to dry sufficiently to withstand light vehicular and pedestrian traffic without damaging or scuffing the coating. After the application of the last coat, allow the coating to cure at least 20-24 hours under good drying conditions.


IMPORTANT: Polished aggregate in certain pavement sections (entrance/exits, high traffic lanes, etc.) may pose a special challenge for the proper bonding of STAR SPECTRUM to the pavement. The use of STAR SPECTRA-PRIMETM is recom- mended for such situations. STAR SPECTRA-PRIMETM is a specialty water based primer that creates an affirmative bond between the polished aggregate and STAR SPECTRUM. Apply STAR SPECTRA-PRIMETM at 0.04-0.05 gal/sq. yard or 180- 225 sq. ft/gallon (4.4-5.5 sq. meter/liter).

Apply only on unsealed asphalt or surfaces previously sealed with either Asphalt Emulsion or Refined Tar based sealers. DO NOT mix STAR SPECTRUM with other AE or RTS based sealcoatings. Do not apply over surfaces sealed with gilsonite and other solvent based seal coatings. New asphalt pavements must be allowed to cure at least 90 days in hot weather. Perform a water break free test to confirm that the surface oils have dissipated. STAR SPECTRUM is not recommended for steeply inclined surfaces, as they may become slippery when wet.


Wear gloves and protective clothing. In case of contact, flush skin or eyes immediately with fresh water. If the product gets in the mouth or eyes see a physician immediately. Consult a Safety Data Sheet for details.


5-Gallon plastic pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon plastic totes at all STAR plant locations.


  • Surface and air temperature should be a min. 50° F (10° C) and rising.
  • Do not apply on rainy, foggy, or extremely humid days, or when rain is in the forecast within 24 hours.
  • If the pavement temperature is over 100° (38°C) dampen the pavement with a fine mist of water to facilitate even spreading. Do not allow water to puddle on the surface.