STAR Macro-Fast


STAR MACRO-FAST is a specialty polymer, latex based additive, that speeds up the drying of sealcoatings without changing the mix design. Viscosity remains unchanged but dry times are cut by up to 50%. Suitable for early morning, night time, springtime and fall seasons where ambient conditions of temperature, humidity and dew point are generally unfavorable for sealcoating. Useful in situations where your mix design is set and you need to dry your finishing coat quickly, or a normal cure time is not allowable. STAR MACRO-FAST also improves the overall performance and durability of the sealcoating. It is recommended for both Refined Tar and Asphalt Emulsion based sealcoatings.


• Speeds up the drying time of sealcoatings thereby reducing labor cost and allowing traffic sooner than non-modified sealer.

• Sealcoatings dry to a uniform black color, under sun or shade.

• Does not thicken or change viscosity of the sealer thus eliminating the temptation to add more water to the mix design.

• Especially suited for single coat applications or applications that do not require the addition of sand or aggregates.

• Very useful for the final “Neat Coat” application on a multi-coat system in high traffic areas that require fast dry times.

• Improves tensile strength, flexibility and adhesion of the cured sealer film and also improves fuel and chemical resistance.

• Based on a polymer-emulsion; safe to handle and use. No health hazards have been reported.


STAR MACRO-FAST is an excellent final coat additive in situations where you have to return to a parking lot to apply the final coat using the mix available on board at places such as; Fast Food Restaurants, Apartment Buildings, Service Plazas, Office Complexes, Gas Stations and many more.


2-5% STAR MACRO-FAST by volume of the concentrated sealer
Add STAR MACRO-FAST directly to the sealer (with agitation).
It is not necessary to pre-dilute STAR MACRO-FAST.

MIX DESIGN (Suggested)

Sealcoating (AE or RTS) 100 Gal. 100 Liters
Water (Clean, Potable) 50 Gal. Max 50 Liters Max
Sand/Aggregate 50-70 AFS 300-500 Lbs. 36-60 Kg.
STAR Macro-Fast 2-5 Gallons 2-5 Liters



• Add water to the sealer and start agitation.
• With agitation on, add the required amount of STAR MACRO-FAST. Mix for 5 minutes. Keep agitation on.
• Add the sand slowly, at a steady rate of about 100-lb. bag/ minute.
• Continue to mix to a smooth consistency. Adjust the speed of mixer to turn the sealer mix sufficiently inside the tank without beating air into the mix. You may have to raise the speed during sand addition and reduce towards the end of the mix cycle.


• Do not add more than 5% of STAR MACRO-FAST. Beyond this limit, it will not add any benefit for faster drying. Conversely, it may thin down the sealer mix.
• Do not add more sand than 5 lb./gallon of the concentrated sealer. Higher amounts of sand reduce the flexibility and adhesion of the cured sealer.
• Keep the water dilution rate below 50%. Excessive amounts of water will cut down the dry sealer film thickness, which in turn will result in pre-mature failure.
• Mix thoroughly before using and keep unused container properly sealed.
• Using other additives or additives manufactured by companies other than STAR, Inc in conjunction with this product might produce undesirable results. Consult your STAR representative for recommendations.


Wear gloves and protective clothing. In case of contact, flush skin or eyes immediately with fresh water. If the product gets in the mouth or eyes see a physician immediately. Consult a Safety Data Sheet for details.


5-Gallon plastic pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon plastic totes at all STAR plant locations.



  • Surface and air temperature should be a min. 50° F (10° C) and rising.
  • Do not apply on rainy, foggy, or extremely humid days (max 80%), or when rain is in the forecast within 8 hours.
  • Most favorable conditions are; humidity less than 60%, higher temperatures and lower relative humidity with mild wind velocity.