STAR STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade


STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade is a heavy bodied patching and repair product that was specifically designed for repairing excessively cracked asphalt surfaces. STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade is a flexible compound formulated with asphalt emulsion, fortified with specialty polymers, reinforcing fibers and mineral fillers that combine to produce a tough and durable mastic type filler. STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade protects problem areas from further water and other contaminant penetrations with a long lasting, flexible patch. STAR STA- FLEXTM Trowel Grade is also effective as a leveling compound for shallow areas, depressions and “bird baths” in the pavement.


• Cold-applied and ready to use. STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade does not require any pre-heating and is ready to use without extensive mixing.

• Flexible and durable, it is rubberized with polymers and reinforced with specialty chemicals and minerals for better performance.

• Safe to use and cleans up with water, is non flammable and is not considered a hazardous material.

• No separation of water or settling of fillers in the cans.

• READY TO USE – As supplied.


Use on all types of asphalt pavements. STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade is recommended for repairing cracks larger than 1/2 inch wide and badly alligatored surfaces that would be too extensive for crack filling. Some of the typical uses are for parking lots, driveways, airport aprons, play areas, tennis courts, running tracks, walkways, etc.


One (1) gallon of STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade
Fills Cracks: 75-80 linear feet of crack 1/2” wide and 1/2” deep Will Patch: 6-14 sq. ft. of depression 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch deep. Coverage rates will vary with the changing widths and depths of cracks.


No dilution is required – the product is supplied in ready-to-use form.
For finer cracks the viscosity can be slightly reduced by adding small quantity of clean potable water (max. 5% by volume).


Use a Trowel to apply initially, a flexible rubber squeegee (24 – 30” width) can be used to smooth out the product for best results.


• Remove all dirt, debris and foreign materials from the crack. Thorough cleaning is imperative for proper adhesion.
• Stir the contents of STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade thoroughly. Keep unused container properly sealed
• Apply STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade patching compound in the cleaned and dry cracks and fill cracks/depressions to surface level. Apply evenly on alligatored/distressed area. Multiple applications may be needed for deeper cracks and depressions.
• STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade will fill cracks to maximum width of 1 inch and depth of 1/2 inch.
• In cases of cracks deeper than 1/2 inch, the use of a backer rod or sand filler may be necessary to keep STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade settling too deep into the cracks and causing excessive material to be used to fill the voids.
• Distressed areas and other imperfect surfaces need to be primed for good adhesion with STAR ONE-STEPTM Primer if they appear oxidized and excessively gray.


Allow STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade to cure before seal coating and/or opening to traffic. The cure time will vary according to weather conditions. Under ideal conditions (80 deg. F. and 50% Relative Humidity), the STAR STA-FLEXTM Trowel Grade will form a film within the first hour of application and will cure within 4 hours to be suitable for seal coating.


• Wash tools immediately with water. Use paint thinner to clean the tools if the material has dried and hardened.
• Do not store in direct sunlight or temperatures exceeding 100° F
• Do not use if ambient and or surface temperatures are below 50° F • Do not use if freezing temperatures are anticipated within 24 hours.


Wear gloves and protective clothing. In case of contact, flush skin or eyes immediately with fresh water. If the product gets in the mouth or eyes see a
physician immediately. Consult a Safety Data Sheet for details.


5-Gallon plastic pails, 55-gallon drums & 275-gallon plastic totes, and bulk at all STAR plant locations.


• Surface and air temperature should be a min. 50° F (10° C) and rising.
• Do not apply on rainy, foggy, or extremely humid days (max 80%), or when rain is in the forecast within 8 hours.
For Optimum Performance of Crack Fillers. Applications done in the early spring and late fall months are most effective. Cracks will be at their widest state in the cooled pavement surface conditions during these times.