Latex-based traffic and line marking paints. Meets Fed. Spec. TT-P-1952b



Available in brilliant white and bright yellow, STAR BRITE Traffic and Line Marking paints are suitable for all interior and exterior applications, on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Formulated from an Acrylic/PVA copolymer emulsion and a well balanced blend of durable and light-fast pigments and extender, STAR BRITE TRAFFIC PAINTS offer;


• Bright, highly visible line striping,
• Solid Hiding-Power,
• Excellent durability,
• Non-Bleeding performance,
• Ease in application and clean-up; water-based.


Play areas, Tennis Courts, Parking lots, Traffic islands, Walkways, Running Tracks.

Physical Properties & Constants

Viscosity, Ku 80-90 80-90
Wt/Gallon, Lbs. 11.60 11.50
Gloss Appearance Flat Flat
Drying, to touch 30-45 min 30-45 min
Drying, Traffic usage 6-8 hours 6-8 hours


None. Ready to use as supplied. Reduce with clean potable water, if needed. The drying time will be delayed by the inclusion of additional water.


For 15 mils wet or 8-9 mils dry film thickness:
Approximately 150 Sq. Ft. per gallon
2 inch wide stripe – 800-900 linear feet. 4 inch wide stripe – 400-450 linear feet.


Method: Air or airless spray striping equipment, brush or roller. For Preheated applications, heat the paint to 140 Degree F. then apply with air or airless spray equipment. Any equipment that comes in contact with the paint must be made of stainless steel. Paint holding tank may be epoxy lined. No brass fittings and lines shall be used as they may result in paint destabilization.

Surface Preparation: Observe general cleaning practices to remove dirt and debris and ensure that the surface is dry prior to striping.
Oil and grease spots shall be sealed with S.O.S. Primer / Sealer. Asphalt must have weathered to rid of the surface oils. Concrete must be etched and thoroughly rinsed with water.

Application: Thoroughly mix the contents in the can and apply on a properly prepared surface, Ensure the proper coverage rates.
Do not apply if rain is in the forecast within 6 hrs. and ambient/surface temperature is below 50 Degree F.

Wash Thinner: Wash tools immediately with water followed by a mixture of 50:50 (by volume) of Methanol and Methyl Ethyl Ketone.


• Keep away from sparks, open flame and heat.
• Use with adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of dry over spray.
• Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. Use of protective gloves and goggles is recommended.
• Keep the partially used containers tightly closed. Store upright and secure in a cool dry approved area (40 – 80 Degree F.). Discard used containers according to applicable regulations.
• Keep from Freezing.
• Keep out of reach of children.


5 Gallon steel lined pails 55 Gallon lined drums