Girish Dubey, president of STAR Inc., was inducted into the Pavement Hall of Fame at the National Pavement Expo in Nashville, Tennessee on February 27th, 2019. This prestigious award recognizes Mr. Dubey’s contributions to the pavement industry over the past forty-five years.

A graduate of Wright State University, Mr. Dubey holds a masters degree in Polymer Chemistry and he brought that scientific background to STAR Inc. when he assumed the presidency in 1988. He is also a founding member of the research-oriented Pavement Coatings Technology Center, an advocate for refined tar sealer and an encouraging voice on the technical and sometimes difficult aspects of pavement sealer.

Throughout the years, Mr. Dubey has strived for openness in the industry. He has encouraged manufacturers to share information with contractors, all with an eye toward raising the performance of pavement sealers as well as enhancing the professionalism of the industry. It is his belief that industries advance by sharing research from all sources—even private companies.

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