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Property Managers

Property Managers - Pavement MaintenanceAsphalt pavements represent a major investment for any real property and their protection, and preservation is naturally a concern for their owners and managers. We have taken the opportunity to present an overview and some pertinent details on sealcoatings for your consideration. 

Sealcoatings are specialty coatings which were introduced in the late 50’s, expressly for the protection and preservation of asphalt pavements. Asphalt pavements are composed of asphalt binder (AC), aggregate, and silica and specialty chemicals. Asphalt binder has an outstanding capability to hold the aggregate together in a firm structure (pavements) and keep the water out of the sub-base and base of the pavement. Asphalt, however, breaks down by sun’s ultraviolet rays and is easily attacked by salt, gasoline, oils and other petro- chemicals. Sealcoatings act as a barrier coat to stop all the damaging elements to preserve the properties of the asphalt binder.

The value of sealcoatings has been well recognized over the years and it has been established that the life of the pavement can be extended more than three (3) times, by spending only 1/3rd of the cost of the total asphalt replacement.  Soon after their inception, sealcoatings were adopted as the standard pavement maintenance methods by the FAA, several governmental agencies, commercial installations and residential properties. The performance properties are well laid out at FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and ASTM (American Society For Testing and Materials). Sealcoatings, though indigenous to the US, are steadily gaining international acceptance.

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