STAR ARMOUR-GUARD™ is a specialty clear penetrating sealer that was developed to protect and improve the performance of common building materials such as; concrete, brick, masonry, etc. Based on 100% Acrylic polymers and specialty chemicals, STAR ARMOURGUARD™ quickly penetrates the substrate and forms a rubber network in the interstices inherent in these materials improving structural integrity. STAR ARMOUR-GUARD™ is highly stable, easy to handle and apply. Materials treated with STAR ARMOURGUARD™ will be more resistant to water, de-icing salts, petroleum and oil spills, grease, ultraviolet sunlight and weathering.


• Highly penetrating. It will not make the concrete surface look wet, shiny and slippery.

• Inhibits chloride de-icing chemicals, salt and damage from chemicals to concrete surfaces.

• Maintains flexural and tensile strength of the concrete.

• Very easy to apply. Very fluid, water-like consistency.

• Water-based, safe to handle and easy to store. Non-flammable.


STAR ARMOUR-GUARD™ is recommended on all types of interior and exterior concrete, brick,masonry and wood substrates; Concrete driveways, sidewalks, garage floors. Basement foundation walls and floors. Specially suited for protecting and beautifying paving stones, terrazzo tiles, rocks, etc.

Coverage Rate

200 – 300 Sq. Ft / Gal (4.9 – 7.3 Sq. Meter / Liter)
Will vary according to dilution and porosity of the substrate

Dilution Rate

STAR ARMOUR-GUARD™ is not a coating, it is a penetrating sealer.
To assure proper penetration, the product must be diluted with water.
ALWAYS: add water into STAR ARMOUR-GUARD™, not vise-versa.


GENERAL PREPARATION: Surface must be clean, free of dust, grease, grime, mold, mildew and debris. Concrete must have a profile and a certain degree of porosity for BRICK BLOCK to penetrate effectively.
ROUGH SURFACES: Dilute with an equal volume of water (1:1 ratio) and apply at the rate of 180-200 Sq. Ft / Gallon of the concentrated Product.
MOLD AND MILDEW: Remove using bleach wash or other suitable method
MEDIUM ROUGHNESS: Dilute with an equal volume of water (1:1 ratio) and apply at the rate of 200-250 Sq. Ft / Gallon of the concentrate.
SMOOTH OR “TIGHT” SURFACES: Must be etched with muriatic acid to create the proper profile and porosity. Dilute with an equal volume of water (1:1 ratio), and apply at the rate of 200-300 Sq. Ft / Gallon of the concentrate.

Application Tools

• Low pressure spray, brush or roller.
• Clean up with Water. Do not discard washings in the bodies of water or down sewer drains.
• Keep stored containers sealed tightly.

Curing Time

Cure time will vary according to temperature and humidity at the time of application. Lower temperatures, high humidity and lack of direct sunlight will prolong the cure time. After the application allow the coating to cure at least 30 minutes under good drying conditions. Apply at the recommended application rates. Thick applications will require more time to dry and fully cure.


APPEARANCE: Milky white, water-thin liquid with mild ammonical odor.
DRY FILM: Clear and transparent.
POLYMER TYPE: 100% Acrylic.
RESISTANT TO: De-icing salts, water, oil, grease, transmission fluid and other petrochemicals.
COLOR CHANGE: Non-yellowing. The color on the surface will not change.
DURABILITY: Estimated 2-3 years.


STAR ARMOUR-GUARD™ is a water-based product therefore it must be protected from freezing. Observe all safety precautions, Consult Material Safety Data Sheets for details.


5-Gallon plastic pails, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon plastic totes at all STAR plant locations.


  • Surface and air temperature should be a min. 50° F (10° C) and rising.
  • Do not apply on rainy, foggy, or extremely humid days, or when rain is in the forecast within 24 hours.
  • Drying time is retarded by high humidity and/or lower temperatures..