STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ Oil Spot Primer

STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ is a latex based coating/primer that adheres to, and seals, oil and grease spots on all types of asphalt pavements. The polymeric matrix and surfactants in STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ create a tough film that bonds aggressively to the contaminated area. STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ will allow both Asphalt Emulsion and Refined Tar sealers to bond properly these freshly primed areas. STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ will eliminate the need for excessive surface preparation that could damage the asphalt substrate.

  • Will prevent oil and grease spots from bleeding up into the cured film of Asphalt Emulsion and Refined Tar sealers.
  • Useful for areas that have been contaminated by tree sap, which causes sealcoatings to flake off in an unusual and confounding way.
  • Is easy to use. Supplied as a concentrate with simple on-the-job mixing with water. Concentrated; allows easier storage and shipping.
  • Applied by any conventional method; brush, spray, roller or squeegee.
  • Dries in 20-30 minutes.
  • Will not debond from the oil spot and will not allow the sealer to peel away from primed areas.
  • Safe to store and easy water clean up.

STAR® S.O.S. SEALER™ is recommended on all asphalt surfaces where contamination and oil spotting problems need to be treated prior to sealcoating; parking lots, fast food restaurants, airports, gas stations, home driveways, schools, malls, etc.