STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ Specialty Asphalt Road Surface Treatment

STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ is a specialty coating, designed for road surfaces that have deteriorated over years of use. STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ is an outstanding asphalt emulsion-based pavement coating that is far superior in performance compared to conventional surface treatments. STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ delivers excellent cost savings compared to commonly used surface treatments like slurry sealing or micro surfacing. STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ is formulated with tough rubber polymers, specialty chemicals and select mineral fillers which impart flexibility and durability to the coated pavement surfaces. The hot blending of rubber polymers in STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ durring the manufacturing process maximizes the performance properties of the sealer.

  • STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ is a unique product with an unconventional technological approach. It has far superior performance over conventional asphalt surface treatment products.
  • It has outstanding flexibility, toughness and longevity. Apply to parking lots and roadways where traffic has damaged the asphalt surface prematurely.
  • STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ will produce a uniform rugged-textured surface that will improve the driving condition on an existing road surface that had deteriorated.
  • It is certified to meet and/or exceed specifications for ASTM D-244, D-217, D-2042, D-3910, D-562, ASMA Standard Specification and Federal TTC-555B.
  • STAR® ROAD-GUARD™ delivers excellent value and cost savings compared to traditional surface treatments like slurry sealing, micro-surfacing, etc.
  • Is water-based; safe to handle and store. Non-toxic and nearly odorless.