STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® Asphalt Emulsion Sealer

STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® Contains Hot Blended Rubber Specified By FAA Guidelines

STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® is designed as a premium grade, Asphalt Emulsion (water based) sealcoating that is superior to other conventional mix design sealers. STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR®, as supplied, contains the necessary amount of rubber similar to that specified by the FAA for airfield maintenance. The rubber is “Hot Blended” during the manufacturing process to ensure it is properly fused into the asphalt binder. Cold mixing simply does not achieve the same level of bonding to the asphalt binder particles. The superiority of STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® has been well established in the field for nearly two decades. STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® has toughness and flexibility at all temperatures as well as resistance to many chemicals and de-icing salts. The combination of state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing and raw material selection.

  • A Unique Product – No other product on the market has employed this unconventional, but highly effective manufacturing approach, yielding far superior performance than conventional mix designs.
  • Excellent Durability – STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® is know for its outstanding performance and consistency, properties that are demanded by engineers.
  • Superior Flexibility – Ability to bridge minor surface (non-working) cracks in the pavement to eliminate water penetration and extend the life of runway, tarmac and apron surfaces.
  • Dries to an appealing dark charcoal color that enhances the visibility of airfield markings. Snow removal becomes easier and runway markings last longer.
  • Allows Mix Design Consistency – Rubber is the most critical component in FAA mix designs. Factory blending of the rubber in STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® assures the accuracy of the mix.
  • Non-Irritating, Non-Toxic and Nearly Odorless – No noxious fumes or skin irritation during application. No solvent fumes, easy to handle, store and clean up. STAR MICRO-PAVE SUPREME® is a low VOC product.

STAR MICRO-PAVE AVIATOR® is recommended for all airfield asphalt pavement surfaces including; runways, taxiways, fueling areas, aprons and vehicle parking lots.