STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade

STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade Cold Applied Trowel Grade Crack Filler

STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade is a heavy bodied patching and repair product that was specifically designed for repairing excessively cracked asphalt surfaces. STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade is a flexible compound formulated with asphalt emulsion, fortified with specialty polymers, reinforcing fibers and mineral fillers that combine to produce a tough and durable mastic type filler. STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade protects problem areas from further water and other contaminant penetrations with a long lasting, flexible patch. STAR® STAFLEX™ Trowel Grade is also effective as a leveling compound for shallow areas, depressions and “bird baths” in the pavement.


  • Cold-applied and ready to use. STAR® STA-FLEX™ Trowel Grade does not require any pre-heating and is ready to use without extensive mixing.
  • Flexible and durable, it is rubberized with polymers and reinforced with specialty chemicals and minerals for better performance.
  • Safe to use and cleans up with water, is non flammable and is not considered a hazardous material.
  • No separation of water or settling of fillers in the cans.
  • READY TO USE - As supplied.