STAR MACRO-DECK® Commercial Grade-Penetrant and Sealant

STAR MACRO-DECK® protects concrete bridge decks, abutments and other concrete surfaces against salt and damage from chemicals. STAR MACRO-DECK® quickly penetrates concrete surfaces and forms a rubber network in the interstices that form while concrete cures out. STAR MACRO-DECK® stops water, chloride de-icing chemicals, salt, and other damaging elements from entering the concrete surface.

  • Inhibits chloride de-icing chemicals, salt and damage from chemicals to concrete.
  • Maintains flexural and tensile strength of the concrete.
  • Very easy to apply. Very fluid, water like consistency.
  • Water-based, safe to handle and easy to store.
  • Resistant to many hydro-carbons and other petrochemicals.
  • Non-flammable.

STAR MACRO-DECK® is recommended on all types of concrete surfaces; Concrete bridge decks, support structures, guard walls, median dividers, curbs, grain elevators, sanitary sewer, masonry walls and floors, airport taxiways and aprons.

DOT tested specialty penetrant & saturant system. Specifically developed to protect concrete structures; bridge decks, superstructures, and control barriers.

Unprotected bridge structures can deteriorate over time and are costly to repair and replace. MACRO DECK was studied and proven to prevent damage to concrete deck structures. This advanced technology is based on specialty polymers and formulated concrete saturants.



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