STAR® ARMOUR-GUARD™ Residential Grade-Penetrant and Sealant

STAR® ARMOUR-GUARD™ is a specialty clear penetrating sealer that was developed to protect and improve the performance of common building materials such as; concrete, brick, masonry, etc. Based on 100% Acrylic polymers and specialty chemicals, STAR® ARMOURGUARD™ quickly penetrates the substrate and forms a rubber network in the interstices inherent in these materials improving structural integrity. STAR® ARMOUR-GUARD™ is highly stable, easy to handle and apply. Materials treated with STAR® ARMOURGUARD™ will be more resistant to water, de-icing salts, petroleum and oil spills, grease, ultraviolet sunlight and weathering.

  • Highly penetrating. It will not make the concrete surface look wet, shiny and slippery.
  • Inhibits chloride de-icing chemicals, salt and damage from chemicals to concrete surfaces.
  • Maintains flexural and tensile strength of the concrete.
  • Very easy to apply. Very fluid, water-like consistency.
  • Water-based, safe to handle and easy to store. Non-flammable.

STAR® ARMOUR-GUARD™ is recommended on all types of interior and exterior concrete, brick, masonry and wood substrates; Concrete driveways, sidewalks, garage floors. Basement foundation walls and floors. Specially suited for protecting and beautifying paving stones, terrazzo tiles, rocks, etc.


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