Problem Solving

Pavement Maintenance Problem Solving

The STAR Problem solving section offers recommended products for common pavement maintenance challenges in a simple question/answer format.


What products should I use to protect parking lots, driveways and other paved surfaces showing oxidation and wear?

Apply STAR-SEAL® sealer to extend the life economically by 300%. Apply STAR-SEAL SUPREME® - our premium brand seal coating - to add more strength, durability and flexibility to what STAR-SEAL offers. Before you apply any product be sure the surface is prepared, as necessary/required before seal coating.


What additive should I add to my STAR-SEAL sealer?

Add STAR MACRO-FLEX® to the sealer for faster drying, toughening, improved durability and performance.


What product should I use to cover up oil spots?

Use STAR OIL SPOT SEALER before applying sealer.


What products should I use to remove/cover up oil spots or paints?

Use STAR ONE-STEP - a specialty coating that solves numerous problems such as: priming, stain blocking, seal coating over fresh asphalt, blacking out paint lines, and oil spot sealing.


What products should I use to repair cracks?

Use STAR STA-FLEX - rubberized cold pour, water based, crack sealant. Use STAR STA-FLEX SUPREME - premium grade rubberized cold pour crack sealant with excellent flexibility and elongation. Use STAR TROWEL GRADE CRACK FILLER - heavy bodied, mastic type cold-pour crack filler.


What product should I use to patch asphalt emulsion?

Use STAR SURE-FLEX - a rubberized asphalt emulsion patching compound.


What traffic Paint products are available?

Use STAR BRITE TRAFFIC PAINT - acrylic, latex based with exceptional hiding properties. For faster drying, use STAR BRITE PLUS TRAFFIC PAINT - 100% acrylic paint. It contains high solids, 50% more coverage per gallon. Allow 3 to 4 minutes to dry.