Colorizing Pavements

Although color-coatings have been used for sports and recreational surfaces for many decades, their use on mainstream pavement surfaces is relatively new. In the past, asphalt and concrete surfaces were coated with colorized asphalt or pigmenting concrete that were, well… sort of unattractive. The best possible base materials that provided any kind of durability in a coating system were dark and could only be tinted up to muted earth tones at best. Brightly-coated sports surfaces leaned toward more traditional paint formulations that lacked the durability needed under pedestrian or light vehicular traffic.

The good news is that great strides have been made recently in the development of specialty polymers that are proven to be reliable, durable and stable in a sealcoating system that pavement maintenance professionals are accustomed to. These new binders have given rise to a new generation of high-performance colorized pavement coatings that offer tinting in a unlimited spectrum of colors including bright, vibrant and visible colors that last.

These next generation color coatings can fulfill all your colorized asphalt and concrete pavements needs. They are available in an assortment of standard colors, as well as just about any custom color that may be desired. Their durability and overall longevity matches that of any good-quality sealcoating product on the market. In addition, they are eco-friendly and safe to use, store and handle.

So, what’s the big deal? Think about the progress of interior and exterior house paints in the past years and now consider similar advancements applied to colorized pavement coatings too. The new color coatings derive properties from the best of both worlds; they contain the latest in polymer technology and incorporate the best color-fast pigments, durable fillers and specialty chemicals from sealcoatings. These advancements have produced color coatings that provide protection from weathering elements, some chemical and fuel resistance and actually do a pretty good job under light to moderate traffic. In essence, these new color coatings are a brilliant way to add vibrant color to any paved surface at a fraction of the cost of chemical coatings, like epoxies and polyurethanes, which are tedious to work with, hard to install, hazardous to handle and store, and rarely give the cost performance benefit, in my opinion.

Where can it be used? The evolution of traffic safety continues to face new challenges as towns and cities become more crowded. As active communities spring up, there are more people walking, running and biking close to vehicular traffic. Department of transportation officials are relying on bright colors to mark traffic patterns and help delineate cars and people. An unlimited variety of bold colors that also boast durability qualities is highly appealing to these officials. This allows them more freedom to both protect and express creative artistic patterns on roadways, bike pathways and pedestrian walks.

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